amma biryani

Amma's Biryani
Flavour with each bite

No matter the time and place you have experienced Biryani, there's no denying that Ammas make the best Biryani. 

It is our pleasure to have the opportunity of bringing you the TREAT and DELIGHT of our Amma's magic. With her South Asian origin, Middle Eastern maturity, and Canadian settlement, our Amma has had the privilege of serving a diverse group of pallets and cultural backgrounds... and we just HAD to make it public.  

Biryani ingredient is no mystery; nor is ours. It is the method used, that brings the explosion of flavour with each bite. We have all the reasons to believe that our Amma has managed to put together the near-perfect balance and timing of the ingredients.

Welcome, to Amma's Biryani.
*Amma = Moth

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