A shop for good people
nby good people

“As the founder, I envisioned a grocery haven that feels like home—bursting with fresh produce, authentic flavors, and a warm, community spirit. Every visit to our supermarket is a journey of culinary discovery and down-to-earth service.”

Fazel Nangyalai
Fazel Nangyalai


Welcome to Silk Road Foods

We invite you to explore Silk Road Foods for all your daily grocery needs. Our primary mission is to offer the Ottawa community high-quality products at prices that fit every budget, ensuring a valuable and enjoyable shopping experience for everyone.

What Makes us different

Our supermarket stands apart through our commitment to community, our selection of fresh, locally-sourced products alongside rare international finds, and our personalized, knowledgeable service that turns every shopping trip into an experience, not just a chore.

Step into our World of Spices—a vibrant panorama of aromas and tastes that bring your cooking to life with authentic flavors from every corner of the globe.

Our local fresh halal meat comes straight from the region’s trusted farms, promising unbeatable freshness, ethical sourcing, and premium quality with every cut.

Our supermarket welcomes a mosaic of cultures with open arms, offering a diverse array of products that cater to all ethnic backgrounds, ensuring everyone’s tastes and traditions are represented on our shelves.