Job Title – Cook (Ethnic Foods)

Company Name – Silk Road Foods, Inc.

Posting Date: May 1, 2024

Closing Date: June 2, 2024

Job Duties: We are planning to add afghan cuisine to our existing Amma’s Biryani” business. This is in high demand and we have not been able to find anyone in Ontario with the skills we need.

  1. Prepare and cook Afghan Street Food dishes according to established recipes and standards.  
  2. Develop and refine recipes for Afghan Street Food items, including Bolani, Ashak, and Manto.
  3. Manage and supervise the in-house production of Crispy Simyan and Afghan Noqol, ensuring  taste and adherence to quality standards and food safety regulations.  
  4. Suggest high-quality ingredients for Canteen, maintain relationships with customers, and  manage inventory levels.  
  5. Train and supervise new kitchen staff in food preparation techniques and safety protocols.  
  6. Maintain cleanliness and sanitation in the production and kitchen areas, adhering to to proper  food handling, health and safety guidelines.  
  7. Stay updated on customer preferences to innovate and introduce new menu items.  
  8. Ensure efficient management of food costs and minimize wastage to optimize profitability.  
  9. Completes hot meal preparation by grilling, sautéing, roasting, frying, and broiling ingredients  and assembling and refrigerating cold ingredients.  
  10. Maintaining daily and weekly cleaning schedules of kitchen equipment’s and dishes.  
  11. Listens to customer complaints and suggestions and resolves complaints.  
  12. Fluent in Pashto, Dari/Farsi, and Urdu and moderate understanding of English.
Wage hourly: 16.55 CAD – 17 CAD
Job Type: Full-time (40 hours/week)
Job Location: 1618 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON K2G 3G3
Contact Information: Please send your resume to
Skills requirement: No education required. 1 year work experience required in the Afghan dishes. Specially dishes described above